How We Work

No two projects are the same so the most important element is to get a clear understanding of the needs of the client. However we most projects follow the sequence below.

Initial consultation and briefing

Depending on the nature of the project the brief can take a variety of forms. Often there will be drawings of the building available, having sight of plans will help enormously with planning a lighting scheme. The aim of the first meeting or discussions is to find out what the space will be used for and how the client would like the space to look and feel.

Modelling and Analysis

If Lighting Planning is required then this can either be carried out by ourselves or by other professionals such as Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) consultants or Lighting Designers. A software model based on existing plans or new drawings is created using specialist software. Appropriate light fittings are selected in order to evaluate predicted lighting levels and patterns. In addition the software will also calculate energy consumption and give a normalised figure which can be compared with benchmarks.

Verification and Proposal

After the analysis has been carried out a brief report is produced with recommendations along with a cost proposal. Figures are also included for energy consumption. At this point advice can be provided on integration with Lighting Control Systems.

Ordering and Delivery

Once any feedback has been taken into account and a final proposal and quotation agreed and order is placed.


We are always available to provide advice to the installation contractor as well as support to the end user.