All LED lighting isn’t equal


Just because a light fitting looks the same it doesn’t mean it has the same level of performance or durability. Our products are backed up by a 7 year manufacturer guarantee and feature industry leading performance. We can show you how that contributes to sustainability and low total cost of ownership. 

Sometimes you really do need to dig beneath the surface when sourcing products, and LED lighting definitely rewards some investigative persistence.

Your clients need to be reassured that they are getting the best results from their investment, here are some questions you might like to ask:

  1. How long is the guarantee and how does it work?
  2. What is the predicted lifetime of the fitting and what standard is used to assess this?
  3. What does the rated life mean in real terms?
  4. How much power will the recommended scheme use?
  5. How many watts per square meter per 100lux? This is a good way of comparing schemes that might give different lighting levels.

At Lighting Partners London we have answers to ALL of these questions.