Lighting and Colour

Colour Temperature – CCT

White LEDs are available from a warm white with a higher red content to a cool white
with a higher blue content. This is known as colour temperature and is measured in Kelvin.
For comparison an ordinary GLS lamp (typical light bulb) would be 2700K, a halogen lamp 3000K and typical office lighting 4000K. LED lighting is available to cover all of these applications.

[box type=”info”] Colour temperature in Kelvin relates directly to the colour of light given off by an object heated to that temperature [/box]

Colour Rendering – Ra

Colour rendering is a measure of how well a light fitting reproduces colours and is an assessment of its closeness to a full spectrum.
The higher the number the more accurately colours are represented. Most LED lighting suitable for interior uses is about Ra80 with products above Ra95 being available for critical applications such as in art galleries and shops.

high CRI fruit

High CRI Light Source – Ra96

low CRI fruit

Lower CRI Light Source – Ra80