Ian Marvin

Ian graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University before being awarded a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering by the Royal College of Art and Imperial College.

He has worked as a consultant and business owner in the lighting industry for more than 25 years, initially using his design and engineering skills but moving on to develop expertise in manufacture, marketing and general management. He has supplied both products and expertise to many projects in the UK and abroad.

Farzana Huda

After qualifying in medicine, Farzana worked in the NHS for 5 years.

In 2003, seeking to make a greater social impact, she set up a charity along with fellow steering group members. Upbeat, a mental wellbeing charity, retains Coldplay as its patrons. Following further charity roles, she moved into technology business development, founding and growing 2 tech startups.

Ian Marvin and Farzana Huda share a passion for the application of technological innovation to the enhancement of wellbeing.

They founded Lighting Partners London Ltd in March 2015 to offer interior LED lighting backed up with technical expertise.


Please note that neither Lighting Partners London Ltd nor its directors or shareholders are affiliated or associated in any way with any other similarly named company whether currently or previously trading.